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Wholesale Buyer's Guide

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Is there a minimum order quantity and dollar amount?
We have a $200 Opening Order or Gift Market Order minimum. We have a $100 reorder minimum. We also have quantity minimum of 3 of each design.

Do you have a catalog?

Yes - we can email you one.

All gifts are available through the website. We can email market sheets if you would like to print for your use.  Our website will reflect current gifts, prices, and quantities.

How do you ship?


For wood, we recommend an ultra fine sharpie or vinyl. For PVC items we recommend sharpies, paint pens or vinyl.  For ceramic ornaments, a pen is provided with your Opening Order. You may purchase additional pens from  This pen allows for mistakes...the ink can be removed with rubbing alcohol. The pen is not meant to be used on any food safe gifts. Vinyl lettering is an option for all gifts and specifically for food safe gifts.

Do you ship the items personalized?
No, our items are designed to allow you, the retailer, the ability to personalize the gifts for your customer while they shop.

A lot of our retailers use vinyl from their Cricut to make sure their ornaments turn out perfect. If needed you can order additional banners for wood ornaments. Practice makes perfect!

Should I personalize samples for my customer to see?
YES! This will help to increase your sales! Remember the ink on ceramic ornaments can be removed with rubbing alcohol, should you need to sell the ceramic sample.

Do ribbons and hangers come with the ornaments?
Yes. Style may vary.

How can I display or present an ornament as a gift?
Many of our ornaments are great to sell all year, not just for Christmas! Consider tying ornaments on a gift package for display or hang around a bottle of wine! Our Easter tags are designed to tie on a basket.  Others are darling hanging on a candy jar - such as our Ghost ornament.

Do you have zip code protection?


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