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Lori Martin

 Illustrator, Painter, Ceramic maker

I'm often asked why the name Pink Fish Studios, LLC?  Well, when coming up with a name I thought about my childhood and when I was happiest.  I was happy drawing and coloring.  A big pink fish was one of the first things I can remember drawing/coloring that I was really proud of.  So, we are a cute little studio, with a cute little name, that makes cute stuff! I love family and celebrating the seasons of life! Home has always been a very happy place for me and my family and we love celebrating holidays.  So, I want my art to reflect happy and fun times! 

I have a B.S. in business/fine art and a Masters in Educational Leadership.  I enjoy teaching others about art and spending time with my husband and 2 children.  And of course with our dogs.  

I consider myself a whimsical artist and I love making people smile.  I hope you enjoy looking at my art and hope you will come back often.

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